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About us

We do what we love...we love what we do!


Czech family company

with 11-years-long tradition. Our work is a hobby for us and we believe that enthusiasm and joy are reflected in our results. We endeavour to cooperate with Czech suppliers, use Czech ingredients (fruits, honey, nuts…). We are open to new ideas and opportunities to do business. Nowadays, we offer the widest range of high quality chocolate in gift packaging with motives of Prague. Our products are also available in 4* and 5* hotels, duty free shops and our own stores.

The company was founded in 2005 when its founder, Silvie Steinerová, decided to fill an empty space on the market. She tried to offer some of the first chocolate gifts to local souvenir gift shops. The products got all sold out and that was the beginning of the story…

Development of the brands

We decided to make the chocolate ourselves to make sure that the contents of our products are of the same quality as their luxury packaging. At first, it was under the brand Nachfolger, which is one of the oldest confectionery manufacturers in the Czech Republic (it was founded in 1888). Silvie Steinerová brought the brand back to life and under its name she introduced a collection of chocolate miniatures with Prague motives.

In 2011 Petr Kovařík, Silvie´s partner, joined the company and a new brand STEINER & KOVARIK emerged. It offers a range of products with more modern design and more original tastes such as almonds in chocolate with ginger, chilli and salt, or wholesome moringa.

company owners

Silvie Steinerová

"The company is my dream come true which I can live. It enables my self-realization and thanks to our products I can represent the Czech Republic not only here but also abroad. Satisfied partners, customers and friends asking for our products as gifts are the proof."

Petr Kovařík

"Since Silvie and I have been partners, her company became my hobby and living at the same time. I worked as a Field Sales Manager at Mazda ČR for 5 years and this experience taught me that quality of a product and service form a fundamental and indispensable pillar of a company. The next pillar is that we love our work, so we can please our partners not only with increased incomes but also with joy we do our work with."

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