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Custom Production

Zakázková výroba

Our products in your packaging

Are you thinking about corporate gifts? Then you can just choose from our offer of chocolate products and the type of package. The most popular among corporate packagings are definitely paper bags and wooden boxes with wood-burning. And popular contents are our almonds in chocolate with different flavours, individually wrapped chocolate miniatures, or chocolate bars.

  • We will help you choose a suitable product and advise on the most cost-effective amount of the order.
  • We can use your own graphic materials or we can make them for you.
  • You can see and taste everything we offer. We will be happy to see you in our stores.

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 Paper Bags

  • All design can be yours or you can choose from our range of designs and complete it just with your logo.
  • Commonly, we put inside bags with almonds in chocolate. You can choose from the following flavours: milk chocolate and cinnamon or ginger, or almonds in dark chocolate and cocoa, chilli and salt or moringa.
  • The paper bags are available in two sizes – 100g standard size or 50g small size.

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Zakázková taška
dřevěná krabice

Wooden Boxes and Pyrography (Wood burning)

  • Do you have a drawing or a photo? We are able to process any master.
  • We can wood burn, engrave or guilloche. All can be done anywhere on the box.
  • A paper band with colour print of your logo offers an elegant option.
  • The standard content of the wooden boxes are chocolate miniatures (milk, dark or white chocolate/ crushed hazelnuts or caramel). However, it's not a problem to place any of our products of a suitable size into the box. For example various types of our almonds, pralines or our Czech Nougat.
  • Individual chocolates can be also wrapped in a fully customized paper, which makes the ideal little something for trade fairs and presentation of your company.

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