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Mandala of Wisdom with Silver Flakes

Due date: 18/12/16 - 18/02/17

Mandala of wisdom

Prague Chocolate introduces a new member of family of mandalas – Mandala of Wisdom. Mandala of Wisdom – a symbol of life experience, knowledge, forethought and prudence has joined the already existing Mandalas of Love, Happiness, Health and Abundance. The core of Mandala of Wisdom is dark 53% sugar-free chocolate where you hardly recognize the absence of sucrose.

New product Chocolate Mandalas

Due date: 20/07/16

Put yourself in the mood for happiness, love, abundance and health. Newly, you can find chocolate mandalas in the Prague Chocolate product portfolio: Mandala of Happiness, Mandala of Abundance, Mandala of Health, and Mandala of Love. The owner and designer of Prague Chocolate, Silvie Steinerová, believes in possibility to put the energy you are just in need of into a magic circle of mandala. That is why she has created a set of four decorated chocolate bars with this spiritual motive.