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 Our brands


Gifts for everyone

We try to respond to all our customers' wishes, develop new products and tastes for them. That's the reason why you can find 4 brands in our portfolio. Most of our products are gluten free.

Nachfolger is one of the oldest confectionery manufacturers in the Czech Republic. Historical designs are typical for its products. Under the brand Nachfolger we offer a collection of chocolate miniatures and chocolate bars.

STEINER & KOVARIK brand carries the names of the founder and owner of the company, Silvie Steinerová, and her partner, Petr Kovařík, the company director. S&K products have modern design, which is Silvie´s main scope of activity. The most popular products are roasted almonds in chocolate with several flavours. Other products are various chocolate bars, pralines, Czech nougat and a range of accessories.

Choclee is the third brand of chocolate products. Under this brand you can buy traditional chocolate bars, mostly with photos of Prague.

Tea Time is the youngest of all brands and it represents a range of certified Ceylon teas.

Gifts for everyone